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 I am insanely passionate about taking the drama out of work and teaching people to productive, not just busy.   Setting goals, being a good listener, a lifelong learner and a belief that everyone is inherently good are all skills I have developed, continued to use and now teach. 

Lordy Lordy...I have seen it all, and drama and interpersonal dysfunction can be found in any industry, with any ownership or leadership structure.  Even though people know, in their hearts, that there are some emotional illusions we should  be able to unravel and see through, even the smartest people have triggered a colleague's emotional landmines at work. 


Having hired and managed people for 30 years, I find that everyone has their gifts and strengths, and only some realize their own potential.  There is SO MUCH to learn, and unknown potential that can be uncovered by taking fear out of vulnerability and creating ways to live COURAGE.  After all, Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway! 


There is no growth without uncomfortable action.  I have developed programs to teach you how to set goals, meet people where they are, listen and hear, and unlock your career potential.  I am certain that you can learn to thrive, as long as you have a strong desire and will to grow.  I love seeing people conquer their fears and achieve their goals!  I want people to happy to walk into work every day, grateful for the opportunity to practice new tools, stay in the light and be massively productive!

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  |  Tel: 123-456-7890

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