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The gap between leaders an their teams can be wide, particularly between generations, but that should not be a barrier to progress.  The most high-performing teams come from understanding one-another's work styles, backgrounds and personalities, and all of those things are worth learning.  

Told by the corporate leader who has worked in multiple industries, GOOD WORK incorporates tools with engaging storytelling, using real life examples of the foibles and successes of leading people.

Setting an intentional culture of progress, clarity collaboration and empathy yields high octane performance and increased employee retention, with particular attention paid - in this book - to Gen X and millennials working together.  Erin-Kate's accessible communication style and humor tells a story worth reading, and gives leaders and workers alike the tools to do good work, both together and as individual contributors.

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Want to know what's up next or how to work together?  Plus in your deets and I'll share when there are more fun things afoot.

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