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Startsmart Session:

Unveiling Startup Studio 2024

Eager to Transform Your Vision into Reality?
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Please note that this program is for just for once a year.
Check back on January 2025.




The Urgency of Starting Your Business Now

Discover why the time to start your own business is RIGHT NOW! Learn the compelling reasons behind seizing this moment for your entrepreneurial journey.

Gain insights into the current landscape and learn why delaying your dreams might cost you valuable opportunities.

Encouraging Fearlessness: Taking the Leap with Supportive Leaders and Cohorts

Learn how to take the fearless journey of entrepreneurship! Seasoned mentors and a cohort of like-minded individuals can bolster your confidence, providing the safety net you need to soar high in your entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Clarity in Entrepreneurship: Defining What You Do, How You Do It, and Who You Serve

Gain absolute clarity on your entrepreneurial journey! Discover the strategic insights that will define your business: what makes you unique, how you bring value, and who your audience is. Uncover the secrets to crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with your target market.

Overcoming Entrepreneurial Fears: Erin-Kate's Inspiring Journey & Testimonials

Explore the power of conquering entrepreneurial fears! Join us as we delve into Erin-Kate's inspirational story, where she conquered doubts and turned them into triumphs on her entrepreneurial path. Hear firsthand how she navigated challenges and transformed fears into opportunities - even during economic downturns!

FINDING Your Ideal Audience: Marketing SERVICES Without Ad Spend

Learn the art of pinpointing your ideal customers and authentically engaging with them without relying on costly advertisements. Discover the proven strategies to identify your niche market, understand their unique needs, and create meaningful connections. Explore innovative approaches that enable you to reach and resonate with your audience organically.

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WHAT Our Clients SAY

I cannot thank Erin Kate enough for her coaching to help me gain the courage to set up my own mentor coaching business. I had my doubts about the kind of market that is out there for my skill set, and Erin Kate was a motivator. She really listened, asked me the right questions, and was able to give me the encouraging and reassuring feedback to keep pushing me forward. It was just the right amount of push, and she held me accountable for the little steps so I didn’t feel intimidated and give up. Now I’m seeing that there really is a market for what I have to offer, and a path for how to get things really in motion. I’m excited to keep moving forward, step-by-step, and see where this will lead. I can’t thank her enough for what she is doing for me.

- Julie McMillan, Middle School Teacher and Teacher Coach

Starting a new business venture can be a fearsome task. Left to my own devices, chiefly microscopic attention span, lethargy, strategic avoidance, and lack of vision all supersized by a total lack of accountability, surely almost nothing would have happened. This course made me form complete sentences out of unformed and disparate thoughts. The dots get connected in the most practical and useful way. Purpose and mission, the underpinnings of what I do, how I do it, most importantly why I do it were molded into a state of clarity. This course is a catalyst to mapping it out and setting a course. Erin-Kate is masterful. Masterful but in a fun and nice way.

- Tom Chantler, Artist

 There are 100s of courses online that promise to show you how to start a business. But, there are very few that go beyond generic powerpoint presentations, and even fewer where the coach goes in deep on each participant's 'Why' and hones in on their strengths. Erin-Kate is that rare coach: she makes reaching for the stars seem like something everyone should be doing.

- Gabrielle Gomez, Arts Attorney

Erin-Kate has a clear vision and process to successfully coach people to their potential. Erin-Kate and Working Courage not only saw more in me than I saw in myself but broke down the process step by step to get me to where she knew I could go. Working Courage helped me define what my passion is, who my ideal customer could be and how to scale the services that I was passionate about to launch a thriving consulting business I can be proud of. Erin-Kate as a coach is the perfect blend of a passion, encouragement and expertise all packaged in laughter and fun. I thought the completion Building your own Biz workshop would be the end of a process and I would be clear how to move forward with my business. What I quickly realized was partnering with Working Courage and the amazing people I met in the coaching group is just the beginning of a journey growing my business and more importantly evolving myself to realize my true potential.

- Erika Lowery, Founder, EL Events

the Secrets of Workplace Harmony!

upward virtual workshop.JPG
Welcome to our dynamic 3-hour workshop, 'The Art and Science of Managing Generational Difference at Work.' Led by Erin-Kate Whitcomb, an International Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and CPG Foodservice Growth Strategist, this interactive session is designed to delve into the core dynamics of generational differences within the workplace.

Key Topics Covered:

  • A clear understanding of what Generational Difference is and how it manifests in the workplace.

  • Addressing Ageism in the Workplace: Recognizing and addressing biases in both directions and its role in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

  • Practical Tools for Managing Generationally-Diverse Teams: Equip yourself with actionable tools to enhance collaboration and drive exceptional results.

  • Career Management Strategies: Gain valuable insights into career management at any age, empowering attendees with strategies to thrive in their professional journeys.

Why Attend:

This workshop promises to empower attendees with practical tools and strategies to navigate generational differences in the workplace. Enhance collaboration, strategically mix generations for positive business outcomes, and elevate your leadership skills. Join us to revolutionize your team dynamics and drive exceptional results.

Register today to secure your spot and unlock the secrets of workplace harmony!

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