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When I first heard the quote: “If you didn’t learn the way to do it their way, you’re going to do it a different way”, I was floored.  This was the story of my life.

I learned a highly effective problem-solving skill in my early 30’s as a hospital administrator.  When presented with a problem, get to the root of it by asking Why? 5 times.  Putting some form to problem-solving made it immediately useful and, as it turned out, useful for the rest of my life.  A consultant/speaker taught that, and I wanted to share that kind of knowledge with others.

Although specialized degrees are good for certain industries, my industry-agnostic skillset has allowed me to move freely between wildly different industries: Healthcare, Academia, Investment Banking, Tech, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Transportation.  I am a problem-solver and a leader of people. Solving problems with a great group of people who collaborate well is what makes my heart go all pity-pat. 


I learned that I’m unique in my fearless pursuit of answers.  I am not afraid to ask questions – and I ask plenty.  I retain the answers, I present solutions, and collaborate with others, incorporating multiple points of view when useful, then put  those solutions in place. Then on to the next one.

Asking [good] questions is hands-down the fastest way to success.  I want to teach leaders and their teams to let go of fear of “not knowing” and demonstrate their curiosity and respect for others’ knowledge, with an eye toward making improvements to elevate their careers as individuals and as leaders.  For most businesses and industries, you need a team for success. 

When I get answers to those questions, a typical follow-up question is: “why do we/you do it that way?”  I have honest curiosity, a desire to understand context for past decisions, to create an environment where refreshing old ideas and processes.  Using that method was unconscious until I had to teach it.  I learned to put form to my mental process and teach that to others.  I learned a whole lot about people, dynamics, complacency, energy around change and how I can make an impact without putting stress on cultures.

I have observed that my ideas were unique, refreshing, and often positively challenged the status quo.
Around the time the 4th or 5th person had told me I should start my own business, I finally relented.  Hence the birth of HiveMind Strategies, DBA Working Courage in 2019.  I want to teach others how to increase sales, improve efficiency and employ a “get it right the first time” attitude towards customers.

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I want you to succeed.  Whether it's with your food brand, your goal-focused sales and marketing teams, how and who you hire - make it good.  Be intentional.  Surround yourself by people that make you better, that challenge you, that help you grow.  Because when you and those around you are growing, nothing can stop you.


I have seen it all, as drama and interpersonal dysfunction can be found in any industry, with any ownership or leadership structure.  Even though people know, in their hearts, that there are some emotional illusions we should  be able to unravel and see through, even the most well-intentioned people can trigger a colleague's emotional landmines at work. Then starts the downspiral, the loss of productivity and the focus on performance management.

Having hired and managed people for over 30 years, I find that everyone has their gifts and strengths, and only some realize their potential.  There so much untapped potential that can be uncovered by letting go of fear and stepping into your COURAGE.  After all, Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway! That's where I will help.

There is no growth without uncomfortable action.  To meet sales goals, you have to be creative, collaborative and mutually supportive.  You and your teams can learn to thrive, as long as you have a strong desire and will to grow.  It is my greatest joy seeing people conquer their fears and achieve their goals!  Let's unlock your potential.

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