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But Are You Brave Enough to ASK?

Last week on December 31, we had a family chat in the car. My sons are 19 & 21 years old - both in college - and we wanted to do a reset and reminder of all of the positive things that were revealed in a VERY difficult 2020.

After they were primed into a positive mindset by this activity, we decided on the next activity: saying 5 things that we are really good at.

We evolved into sharing with each family member ONE thing that we think each person is good at. All were "IN" and ready to do this

Some answers were things like:

"You're really good at friendships and supporting your friends, listening to them and engaging in deep conversations."


"Your sense of humor is such a positive influence on any group, no matter who they are: business or cocktail parties or one on one."


"You are so determined and resilient. Despite all you've been through, you still see a path ahead".

It is pretty uncommon for us to ever ask our employees to engage in this kind of activity...but why not? What are we afraid of? When I have done this with my teams (always offsite!), it has yielded surprising results.

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