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You have a great CPG Food Brand and are only in Retail now.  You need to move into Foodservice and want to avoid costly mistakes and get to revenue faster, doubling the sales.  Erin-Kate - through her CPG Consulting brand HiveMind Strategies LLC - will teach proven sales strategies, we help you unlock those secret areas and bring you to abundance.  She also provides fractional Head of Sales leadership to set you on the path to exponential revenue growth and repeatable systems, making you efficient, customer-focused revenue masters.

Or you're a leader of people and have no time to meet your deliverables because you have a difficult team to manage and spend too much time on their performance behaviors.  I know, I've been there.  I have expertise is Motivating Teams, leveraging DE&I for business excellence and Navigating Generational Difference at work.  It is my passion to give you tools to alleviate drama at work and get you to high production and increased revenue.


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Erin-Kate consistently moved discussions forward, highlighting relevant, value-added points in all engagements. She is a true strategic planner, moreover, one that can be relied upon to accomplish desired outcomes. Erin-Kate is a consummate professional that excels at developing and executing on organizational strategies, all the while motivating those around her.  She is perceptive, inspirational, and highly influential on a team.

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Erin-Kate has been an incredible addition to the team. She provided us with much-needed maturity and structure for our Foodservice sales arm, and by doing so, has helped us open 1000s of new doors and scale our distribution nationally. As young founders, we've leaned on her for advice on sales strategy, hiring, employee management, and general CEO weekly coaching. On top of the value EK has brought to our business, she puts a smile on our faces every day

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In this past year, we have seen tremendous growth in US Sales, which is testament to her hard work and strategic focus. Erin-Kate is great collaborator, very supportive and her sense of humor makes working with her such a pleasure. Erin-Kate is great at building and maintaining strong customer relationships, increasing loyalty in a fickle consumer space.She has also developed a "Get it right the first time" culture, by creating support and encouragement and providing the sales and operations teams with what they need to deliver for our customers. I've come to know Erin-Kate as an industrious and hard working professional who lives by her word and delivers.

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