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Looking to take your CPG BRAND to the next level VIA Food service?

We've got questions for you:

  • Ready to Amplify Your Wins in Retail?

  • Seeking Clarity, Intention, and Focus in Foodservice?

  • Interested in Expert, Strategic Guidance or a Fractional Head of Sales?

At Working Courage and HiveMind Strategies, we're all about turning questions into answers and ideas into growth. Let's explore the possibilities together.


When I first heard the quote: “If you didn’t learn the way to do it their way, you’re going to do it a different way”, I was floored.  This was the story of my life.

I learned a highly effective problem-solving skill in my early 30’s as a hospital administrator.  When presented with a problem, get to the root of it by asking Why? 5 times.  Putting some form to problem-solving made it immediately useful and, as it turned out, useful for the rest of my life.  A consultant/speaker taught that, and I wanted to share that kind of knowledge with others.

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Working Courage | Business Growth Accelerator


With a proven track record of increasing revenue and productivity, Erin-Kate is the creative and focused brain you need to tackle your toughest problems.  At some point, every brand or service business needs another set of eyes and a mind to see what's not working.  For over a decade, EK has been helping CPG brands to increase revenue through proven sales strategies, working efficiently, and encouraging cultures of progress.


Through my decades of experience in leadership roles across multiple industries, I have learned firsthand how fear distracts from meeting business goals, leads to poor collaboration and halts both personal and business growth.  I have unlocked secrets that you can absolutely learn and deploy immediately, allowing your business or teams to prosper by focusing on leveraging GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCE to your advantage.  Contact me to speak to your organization, create a customized training program or provide you access to existing trainings.

Working Courage | Business Coaching
Working Courage | Launch Your Own Business


You and I both know you were destined to be of service.  You can improve your work-life balance, help others grow, set your own schedule and lead others in their quest for finding the solutions that you have.  I will guarantee we will find your voice and start your own business.  I give practical and actionable tools to help you find your audience.



In this past year, we have seen tremendous growth in US Sales, which is testament to her hard work and strategic focus. Erin-Kate is great collaborator, very supportive and her sense of humor makes working with her such a pleasure. Erin-Kate is great at building and maintaining strong customer relationships, increasing loyalty in a fickle consumer space.She has also developed a "Get it right the first time" culture, by creating support and encouragement and providing the sales and operations teams with what they need to deliver for our customers. I've come to know Erin-Kate as an industrious and hard working professional who lives by her word and delivers."

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