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Known as the "Boss Whisperer", I help leaders who are willing and motivated to understand their own style, skills and gaps, to have New Vision for increased impact on their revenue, market opportunities, brand viability and sustainability. 

I have worked in multiple industries as a sales and business operations expert, resident thinker, and efficiency-obsessed problem-solver. In all roles from Tech to Healthcare, and Education to Investment Banking Administration to Consumer Packaged Goods brands, I have seen even the smartest, most motivated leaders unknowingly create productivity-killing landmines within their companies, simply because they have never considered the importance of Emotional Learning.  I help leaders uncover the hidden secrets within their own emotional responses (first) and ultimately increase revenue through leading an intentional culture based on honesty and trust.  I have been a trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs, which has given me access to leaders who are willing to share with me at very different levels than with others on their teams.  This access and depth of relationships has incited me to have a deep interest in the interpersonal dynamics of an organization, and a clearer understanding that those dynamics are massively influenced from the top down. I want to help!

Here's how I see it:  Entrepreneurs and business owners have had to be focused, driven, inspired and clear-minded to not only start a business, but to start to earn money and to grow.  These are wildly inspired human beings who know they will make an impact on the world!  With these mindset rules, they are able to create amazing momentum, ideas, products and teams.  But as they begin to scale, make key hires and add new products or services, all of that momentum, enthusiasm and drive can create blind spots, and the organization starts to reveal what the leader did not get taught in business school:  the power of emotional intelligence and managing interpersonal dynamics.  Focusing on human capital improve performance effectiveness, eliminates the drama of old-school, scheduled performance management  and gives teams room to thrive under engaged and trusting leadership.  And this hits right at the bottom line: increased revenue.  Emotional learning and regular team tune-ups are often the last things on the entrepreneurs minds, and this is where they fall behind their competition.  If these leaders are looking at their bottom line every month - and I can assure you, they are! - but aren't looking at themselves and their impact on their own people, they are missing the key ingredients to sustainable growth and incredible brand loyalty, both internally and with customers. This is where I come in.  I WANT TO HELP - I am DRIVEN to make organizations thrive.


My courage to be vulnerable, to ask for help, to be a leader and to be teachable has allowed me to provide unique thought leadership and focus on human capital and business support. I lean on process and people, I exceed goals, continuously improve systems, identify and resolve gaps in service, and plan and communicate effectively at all levels. I love to work, but I also love to play, and think people should liberally laugh when so moved. 



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WHAT clients SAY


Erin-Kate is a consummate professional that excels at developing and executing on organizational strategies, all the while motivating those around her. She is perceptive, inspirational, and highly influential on a team. On top of that, she is also very personable and has a great sense of humor, adding levity in just the right tone, at just the right times. Erin-Kate has an unusual ability to expertly redirect tangents, helping to move discussions to next steps or resolutions. I would gladly work with her again in the future – a true leader who inspires those around her.

- Sherryl D, SPHR; Alexandria, VA